Hot Milk Cake Recipe

Hot milk cake is a traditional two layer cake, possibly from Central Europe and more

Hot milk cake is a traditional two layer cake, possibly from Central Europe and more… 

Perhaps the pigeon milk is one of the most famous sweets in our childhood.  I am certain that many people still are buying candy and instantly destroying them.  

Actually, recipes, as luck would have it, not so much. But I’ll give your finalized under my taste.  It is not as fatty and not overly sweet, this how it should be.









1. Cake. 

1. Cakes Butter (100 g) room temperature whip with sugar (100 g) at a maximum speed of mixer.

2. Add the eggs (2 pieces) and the vanilla sugar (1 tsp), continue beating. If you have a vanilla extract – this is even better, but I have ended, had to use the means at hand)

3. Pour the flour (140 g) and stir until smooth. Get pretty stiff dough.v

4. Divide it into two sections and allocated on a baking flat round biscuits height of about 1 cm. I have a form of 16 cm, so I sketched her marker on the parchment twice.  Then he moved around and struck a dough sheet along the contour of the circles. If you will be difficult to pass around the dough, moisten slightly with water and a tablespoon of dough distributes it carefully.

5. Bake at 230 degrees for about 10 minutes Look how easy will blush – you can get cakes.  Simply cut them to the desired diameter of the ring and let cool completely on a wire rack.

2. Souffle  

1.Agar (5 g) was soaked in water (140 g) for 10 minutes, he is in my store, replacement of gelatin and pectin is not allowed here, because each agent its textural characteristics and we are right for Agar.  If you want to create some kind of berry-fruit taste, agar can be soaked in the juice of berries, lemon juice or other liquid flavor (of course not puree, namely, clear juice).

2.Change the weight of agar in a saucepan and heat, stir until boiling, agar dissolves. Add the sugar (330 g), and over high heat, bring to a boil once more.

3. At some level, the mass starts to foam strongly. Stir and check syrup. If you remove the SPOON from the syrup, it must flow from smooth thread syrup.  This is a signal that we have reached the correct temperature.  Remove from heat and cool to roughly 80 degrees.

4. (2 pieces) Proteins  whip in a blender at medium speed stability.  You should begin to form good beautiful foam.

5. Pour the syrup into the whites in a thin stream over the wall of the bowl.  Do not allow the syrup to get to the beater mixer.  Increase the mixer speed to the upper limit.

6. When the mass would enter the dense butter at room temperature (120 g) and condensed milk (100 g).

7. Once once more, a good beat mass.

8. Within the shape or split rings, padded wrap, put the cake first. I was 16 cm

9. Pour half on top of the souffle. Carefully route the second cake. 

Full - layers and  layers, much as you want

10. Pour the second piece of the souffle, level surface. Take to refrigerator  3-4 hours

When the chocolate is frozen, remove the dessert from the mold. 

Add berries on TOP.

Bon Appétit